Amyris essential oil is made from the Amyris balsamifera tree. The oil that is extracted from this plant has a lot of calming and sedative properties, which makes it a great option for those suffering from sleep-related disorders. Amyris is often referred to as the ‘sandalwood of the west’ because it is a more cost-effective solution.

Myris oil has a mild woody aroma coupled with a sweet, nutty smell. It is known to have quite a long lasting scent but it is, however quite mild and is important to note here that women who are pregnant should avoid using this oil or consult with their doctors before trying it out.

Let us take a look at some interesting facts about this essential oil:

  1. Can help cure insomnia: Those who have trouble falling asleep or suffer from acute cases of insomnia can use this oil. Amyris is well-known for promoting good quality sleep. The oil can be applied on the pillow cover before bed or put into an oil diffuser.
  2. Acts like a germicide: Another interesting fact about this essential oil is that it can be used to wade away germs and bacteria. This is because of the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of the oil. Adding 2 to 3 drops to carpets, bedding and curtains can help prevent foul odours and also protect against fungal development.
  3. A good stress reliever: One of the most popular oils in aromatherapy, it can help fight against stress-related problems. Its calming and restorative properties help soothe tensed nerves and relieve anxiety related issues. This is one of the other reasons why this essential oil is used for massage therapy.
  4. A great insect repellent: This oil can be used as a natural and chemical-free insect repellent. It can, therefore, be used as an effective mosquito repellent and also to repel house flies and other annoying pests.
  5. Can cure the common cold: Did you know that this oil can be as a natural remedy to treat cold, flu, congestion and respiratory problems. The musky essential oil can also be used to cure a sore throat or a sinus issue.
  6. Used with other oils: The Amyris oil is widely used in the soap-making industry and also in many perfumes. One of its core properties is that it blends very well with various other carrier oils and also essential oils.
  7. Helps fight acne: This lovely aromatic oil is excellent for the skin. It has anti-microbial properties that help prevent and cure acne-related problems. It provides numerous benefits for skin-related problems and can help improve the overall health of the skin.
  8. An alternative to sandalwood oil: Amyris is often popularly referred to as the ‘alternative to sandalwood oil’. This is also one of the reasons why it is called the sandalwood of the west.
  9. Excellent room refresher: This oil can be used in a diffuser in the home as it acts as an excellent room freshener.
  10. Used by fisherman: Trditionally, may fisherman would use this oil to light lamps and carry them around in the night when they used to go fishing. Since Amyris is very rich in texture, it can be used to light lamps. On the other hand, due to its inflammable property, one needs to be careful while using the oil.

How is the oil obtained?

Amyris essential oil is obtained from the Amyris tree, whose bark is distilled using steam. The bark is highly rich in oil content, which makes it a perfect candidate for the production of essential oil.

In conclusion

Be it in a potpourri or in an oil diffuser, one can use this essential oil for numerous benefits. From soothing a stressed mind to fight against skin infections, Amyris is the perfect essential oil to have. Essential oils have a lot of benefits on the whole and it is important to choose the right oil based on individual needs and preferences.

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