Any aspiring businessman or woman who has a dream of starting a perfume, essential oil, eye cream or lipstick business has to really understand different types of packaging and which is the most favorable for the business. Different consumers have different preference on how they would like to use your products, some prefer applying using their hands, spraying, and applying using rollers bottle. Use of roller bottles has been gaining popularity by most of the users due to its ease of application and therefore attracting many companies to package their cosmetic product.

Here are some of the tips you have to put in consideration before choosing rollers bottles to package your product.


There are different types of roll-on bottles including plastic roll-on bottle, glass roll-on bottles, and wood roll-on bottles. It is therefore up to you to choose from the three types of materials. If you are planning to produce either your lipstick, essential oil perfume or any other cosmetic in large quantities you should choose a roller bottle which is readily available in the market. Plastic and glass roll-on is the most commonly used packaging for cosmetics. It is hard to find a wooden roll-on bottle at wholesale, therefore it makes production and consistency very difficult.


Different roller bottles are of different capacities. Their capacities range between 1ml to 100ml but sometimes they may exceed the 100ml limit if a client request for a customs capacity. Most of the 100ml bottles are meant for either essential oils or perfume roll ball bottle. It comes to the decision of the business owner to choose which is most favorable for his or her business depending on the product and the target market.


Not all the product packaged in the rollers bottles are meant to be applied on the lips, eyes or armpits. Therefore the sizes of the roll-on really matter. For perfume rollball bottle, the roll-on can be big depending on the purpose, perfumes that are meant to neutralize sweat and applied in the armpits have a bit bigger ball but other perfumes which are used to make someone fresh nice do not have a specific roll on ball size. As per lipstick, the size of the roller bottle is not that big as it is meant to apply only on the lips.


Your brand will be defined by what the customers see, therefore the shape of the roll on the bottle really matter. You have to discuss with your team and choose the most appropriate rollers bottles in packaging your perfume, lipstick, etc. The available shapes in the market are round and square rollers bottle. If the two shapes do not please you, you can request for a customized roller bottle. Some of the perfume rollballs bottles are customized to the scent the perfume represents.

The quantity of rollers bottle

If you are producing your cosmetic targeting a small group of people you can get the rollers bottle at the nearest shop for packaging, but in cases where you are targeting a wide market, you may have to look for a company selling the roll-on bottles at wholesale price to help you reduce the costs.
It is advisable to do thorough research before choosing the right rollers bottles to package your product. The research can be done online or by asking your friends for advice.