Flirting online is a skill. And it’s not like flirting offline. There’s little body language involved. And all you have is textual prowess. Plus – it’s easy to get ignored. A prospect that doesn’t like you won’t message back. They won’t even show signs of rejection. They’ll just disappear.

Never Let That Happen

You’ve got to learn how to flirt. And you should do so while keeping the other side interested. This is something we’ll help you with. Below are 5 tips on how to flirt with a girl online. Follow them for the best results!

Pick the Right Site

Oddly enough, some sites are flirt networks. Others are not. How so? It depends on its publicized priorities. Some sites are for hookups. They’re for quick fun ad pleasure. And they’re more accepting of strong hit ups…

(Example: Read Flirt Review).

Others are more long-term. They want relationships, instead of quick flirting. And there, you’ll need to take it easy. Thus, you should.

Define Your Priorities.

If you want social excitement, go offline. Flirting is more exciting there. If you want a relationship, take it slow. Flirting comes later, after getting to know the other side. So it shouldn’t be on your mind. But you’re likely flirting as a hookup strategy. And if so, check out the next tip…

Get Them Talking

At its core, flirting is feedback. You comment about the other side. But you’re doing it creatively and playfully. The point is, you can’t flirt without information. You need to know the person you’re talking to. All you know about a prospect is their picture, and profile. If so, try getting their attention using the photos you see. And especially if a girl’s profile picture has a feature you like. But we wouldn’t recommend this as a main strategy. Because that might spook away the other person. That is, unless their profile information shows they’re open to it…

How Do I Get Information?

Ask questions. It’s that simple. Remember, online dating is still “dating.” It’s all about sharing information, and getting to know the other side. But for most intents and purposes, flirting shouldn’t be the first thing you do. It should come later down the line. And this leads us to the next point.

Time Your Flirts

Flirting works if the other side likes you. Otherwise, it’s a corny pickup tactic. And how do you know if a girl online likes you? You know that through time. The more time they invest messaging you back, the better your chances at flirt success. So online flirting with a girl involves patience. You need to gain their trust and affection before starting.

Should I Wait Till We Meet Offline?

No. You can wait a few weeks of messaging. From there, start expressing your admiration. But if you want, you can wait offline. It’s a little safer. And flirting can come off as genuine playfulness

Be Playful & Subtle

Flirting online shouldn’t feel spam-like. It shouldn’t feel desperate either. Both come from trying too hard. It comes from flirting that’s too direct, and usually out of context. When flirting, you need subtlety. You need a little playfulness.

How Do I Do That?

Look for openings. When talking to a girl online, read between the lines. Are they feeling insecure about something? Do they look stressed? Look for places where you can throw a heartwarming flirt. Those have the best effects. You fulfill the other side’s psychological needs. And you make then like you more.

Don’t Over Do It.

One of the worst ways to flirt is to “over-flirt.” That way, you come off as creepy. And you’re likely to get rejected by most women. Also, few women will take you seriously. Flirting too much implies childishness and inexperience. Instead, flirting should be part of your dating repertoire. It’s something you use when needed. But it’s not your primary “mode of communication.”

Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

You’re flirting to get girls to like you. And doing it too much looks bad. So be conservative. Know when to flirt, and when to keep your conversations normal!