Lotus is one of the most recognized Buddhist symbols out there. Every important and revered deity in Buddhism is associated with the Lotus. When it comes to the depiction of Buddhist deities, they either sit on it or hold it in their hands.

Buddhists admire this flower, worship, bow before it: after all, the Lotus is a symbol of the gods. In different religions, it has its meaning and means life, rebirth, purity, oblivion, peace, fertility, and some nations see it as an interaction of the masculine and the feminine aspects of the world.

In reality, this incredibly beautiful flower is a perennial plant, and it belongs to the genus of Nelumbo; it is the only representative of the Lotus family, and it can be either yellow or pink (it is interesting that white, red and blue water lilies are also sometimes referred to as Lotuses).

These amazing plants grow only on water – in river deltas, in muddy canals, creeks, sometimes they can be seen high in the mountains (for example, in India this flower can be found as high as one and a half kilometers high).

Lotuses are heat-loving plants, they are very demanding and do not grow everywhere (which is why they are listed in the ICUN Red List): yellow prefer the climate of South and Central America, Jamaica, Hawaiian Islands, while pink is often seen in Asia, in Japan, India, got to Australia. It blooms in Russia – on the Volga, in the Far East, in the Kuban, where the amazing and incredibly beautiful water garden called the Valley of Lotuses is located on the Taman peninsula. Red Lotus prefers the Indian warm climate, and it is there that it achieved its cultural importance.

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A blooming Lotus looks like this

Among the bright green leaves floating on the surface of the water is a large, about 30 cm in diameter, flower, it is always turned towards the sun. Lotus flowers’ smell is very subtle, but it is extremely pleasant.

The plant has a yellow corolla surrounded by several rows of petals of delicate pink or yellow shades. The tone of the petal near the base is much brighter than its top.

If you want to grow a Lotus at home, then be prepared to face some trouble. As we’ve said, it is extremely demanding and requires a lot of heat. But it is not impossible, here’s a great guide on how to grow one at home.

The rhizome of the plant is thick, long (in some cases, the length may exceed 350 km) – such roots are necessary for the flower to be able to reach the bottom and extract all the necessary nutrients from the soil;

The petals and leaves of the Lotus are covered with a wax coating, so it looks like they shine under the sun’s light. Another thing about the Lotus is that the water does not stick to it and it rolls down like mercury; These three aspects of it (including its beautiful colors) are the main reasons why it gained it became the flower of love. It symbolizes passion, care, affection and deep desires that two young lovers have for each other.

The seeds of the plant are similar to dark-colored nuts: they have a stiff peel with a small hole in them. Here’s an interesting fact: once in the peatlands of China, Lotus seeds were discovered that were more than a thousand years old. After they were planted, the flower sprouted and bloomed. There was no problem whatsoever with their development.

Red Lotus is a symbol of India (in the books it symbolizes not only its virgin nature and its purity, but is also symbolizes love, compassion, and affection). It is believed that we live in the rays of the Red Sun, and the Buddha Shakyamuni reigns above all that exists, the throne of which is the Red Lotus. But the ancient Egyptians believed that the white Lotus symbolizes dreams and sweet oblivion because the Nile white Lotus, unlike its relatives, opens itself only at night. Whereas the Chinese and Japanese still eat the candied roots of this water lily, considering that the white Lotus will prolong their youth and preserve the beauty as long as possible.