“A case report of a patient with a reduction of hormone whose anxiety symptoms had improve after receiving certain testosterone treatment.”

The old man Mr. A, an age of 34 were diagnose of anxiety disorder. He has these symptoms such as nervous exhaustion, inability to sleep, and performance anxiety. He tried the relaxation techniques and biofeedback using buspirone tranquilizer with a dosage of 30 mg/day but it went unsuccessful. When he noticed an improvement with the said medication he immediately stopped the medication after 2 months of treatment however his anxiety come back after 6 months of being idle, with that he resumed taking it.

Medical Condition

Mr. A, medical record indicated that he had undergone an orchiectomy, a surgical procedure for an undescended testicle.
His blood samples was tested for analysis. The result says that his level of testosterone was 185 ng/dl (normal=241827) and the free testosterone was in 8.9 pg/ml (normal = 1839). And his luteinizing hormone was in 18.7 mIU/ml (normal=212) and the simulation of follicle was 31.4 mIU/ml (normal=18). His physical examination and laboratory test were all normal. he reduced his buspirone tranquilizer treatment and hold to begin his paroxetine treatment.

He then referred to an endocrinologist and prescribed him with testosterone enanthate for 200 mg i.m in every 2 weeks. When the prescribe medicine kick in he reported that his performance anxiety has restore. He also decreased his medication but remain with a twice a month schedule after he felt that his anxiety returned.
He’s been receiving treatment for 18 months and it may continued in an unspecific period of time.

Does Testosterone Increase Anxiety?

An androgen replacement therapy is inadvisable for someone who is androgen-dependent, like prostate cancer and male breast cancers.a The patient’s blood count and those with high or low density of lipoprotein are strictly needs monitoring since the testosterone can boost these as well. Literature supports that the hypogonadism and depression, is an evidenced that the untreated of the diminishing of testosterone has a higher ratings of depression, anxiety disorder than normal infertile men.

And the depressive symptoms will improved after testosterone treatment for hypogonadal men. Another study shown that with testosterone treatment therapy can also descend anxiety disorder. With Mr. A condition on his case for testosterone replacement therapy and his anxiety with result a good improvement, it is being suggested for an association in between anxiety and reduction of hormone secretions. On this case, we suggest that the testosterone replacement will be included in psychiatric list in medication for raising the level of testosterone.