Due to the growing popularity and the emergence of the internet, more people are into online gambling. As more and more people play casino games such as tangkasnet, more often there arise gambling addiction problems. Gambling never begins as a problem, it begins as excitement and opportunity to socialize or to take away some time from family and work pressures. However, gambling problems can grow without people realizing the problem. Gamblers spend almost 10-20 hours a week in gambling, and they also spend plenty of time worrying and thinking about gambling.

Signs which say gambling is a problem

You do need to gamble daily or lose money to have a gambling issue. People who have problems may:

  • Skip study or work to gamble
  • Gamble for avoiding problems or disappointments
  • Spend more time on gambling compared to spending time with friends and family
  • Gamble not for fun but to win money
  • Suffer from a feeling of depression
  • Gamble for winning back lost money due to gambling
  • Borrow money for gambling
  • Keep secrets or lie about gambling
  • Argue with friends and family
  • Gamble for much longer periods than planned originally
  • Gamble till every penny is spent
  • Suffer from insomnia because of gambling thoughts
  • Use bill amounts for gambling
  • Try to stop gambling but fails in doing so
  • Break law to get money for gambling

Making decisions to quit or cut back

Problem gamblers can play a controlled gambling level. Many people prefer to stay away from gambling, it means to quit gambling for good. There are no rules to decide whether you should stop or reduce your gambling. Giving up gambling can be a good option if you:

  • Lose a lot of money
  • Suffer mentally, socially, or physically.

Recommendations related to gambling

  • When you visit an online casino for having a good time then do not think about losing and winning.
  • You should remain ready for a huge amount of money. Nothing can help you in winning if you are not happy. Keep the winning money.
  • Avoid emotional memories related to winning or losing money. Do not remember the previous games over and over again. Leave the past memories.
  • Make reasonable bets and do not play big.


Changing gambling habits

The suggestions include the following:

  • When you look for support, choose and talk carefully with people you can trust.
  • Decide on a budget that you wish to spend on gambling. Think of gambling as an entertainment and not as an investment.
  • When you win, never add the winnings to the savings that you have already. Spend the money to pay on bills.
  • As a part of budget repay regular debts. Set repayments low so that you do not have a shortage of money because this may add pressure and may force you to gamble more.
  • When you want to change your gambling habits, think of good things

Gambling at times grows and people do not realize their gambling habits have undergone changes. If gambling really makes you worried then get professional help.