Nowadays, transcribing an audio recording to text is not as difficult as it used to be. There are several benefits of making use of an audio to text converter online – whether you intend to narrate a story, give dictation or make use of voice search, the software can do a good job.

What is Audio to Text Transcription?

In the simplest form, audio to text transcription is the process of transforming audio and verbal materials into text. Professional secretaries, journalists, court reporters, and web designers record audio as part of their daily job responsibilities.

Audio transcription can also be seen as a historical means of storing important audio materials, a comfortable way of producing accurate records of proceedings, and one of the biggest ways of boosting traffic to personal and corporate websites, thereby enabling better visibility for brands online. Audio transcription is mostly used to create written records of all important events, and to produce readable information for people on the internet.

Since audio materials are not easily accessible, it is important to make these materials available in a text format so the information can be significantly expanded. Also, audio files are not readable by all machines – for instance, search engine algorithm cannot assess audio contents on a website, therefore cannot properly index them.

Choose between Automatic Transcription and Self Transcription

Over the years, better technology has created better possibilities in the transcription world. People now have the ability to either go with automatic transcription or manual transcription. It might seem as if there is no much difference between the two, but there are clear differences.

Automatic transcription makes use of software to transcribe audio to text. Speech recognition software is used to analyze the audio file and the text is determined by the program. While analyzing difficult investigations that involve huge volumes of calls, getting every call, downloading and transcribing them manually can be a long and tedious process when done manually. Also, there are extra costs and delays when such recordings need to be sent somewhere else so they can transcribe it manually.

Benefits of Automatic Transcription

1.Better Turnaround Time

Automatic transcription can really speed up an editor’s workflow in fields that audio recordings play an important role. There are new applications used in automatic transcription that generally reduce the time needed to search for, download and transcribe an audio file. The voice recordings can be downloaded and transcribed at a very fast rate.

2.Cost Effective and Reliable

Once you automate you process of downloading and transcribing audio files, it will save you time, and so you can place your focus on other things that are more important. Additionally, transcription services performed manually are expensive. But by using automatic‌ ‌transcription services as Audext, there will be no need to send audio files to expensive outsourced transcription services.

3.It is Consistent and Accurate

Automatic transcription software offers a high degree of accuracy over manual transcription tools and other automated tools – they eliminate errors that fatigue and other distractions cause.

Audio to Text Converter Audext

Audext is an audio to text transcription and editing tool used for converting audio recordings online into written text by making use of a combination of a media player and a text editor. It transcribes by analyzing an audio file second by second, to determine what word is spoken at every second, and saves that word into a transcript. After the conversion, the machine will return a combination of words it has understood.

Convert your Speech to Text via Fast and Accurate Dictation

Audio to text converter is used by people in all works of life such as:

Transcription of interviews, press conference and podcasts by journalists

Transcribing lecture notes by students

Converting voice memos and voice recordings into text

Medical practitioners such as psychologist for transcribing medical sessions

How Audext Works

This tool works in five simple steps:

  1. Upload the audio recording into Audext
  2. Send the recoding into the cloud editor by just one click
  3. The transcript starts downloading immediately into the project
  4. Edit and review the result afterwards
  5. Get your final text file for export

No matter the activity you do, Audext is made to convert audio recordings into text in a short time. No more wasting time endlessly replaying an audio file. The services at Audext are suitable for people that find it difficult to type or who enjoy dictating notes. It is free and easy to use this tool, and does not require any fancy downloads or tiring registrations.