From time immemorial, couples have been sharing a bed. It’s not just an old tradition passed down through multiple generations. Sleeping in the same bed epitomizes the intimacy, unconditional trust, and facilitates bonds between two loving people. Nowadays, the majority of couples stick to this tradition and sustain it; still, there are those who find it more convenient to sleep apart. Times are changing. And what was considered weird or outrageous some twenty years ago is now considered a commonplace. The same goes for couples’ sleeping together at night. Presently, more and more couples begin to practice the so-called “night-divorce,” which is considered quite a handy means of ensuring the best possible sleep quality of both partners, who, due to some reasons, cannot sleep together or go to bed at different times.

Let’s face it we like surfing the Internet, check out social media, or watch our favorite TV show before going to sleep. This inevitably interferes with our habit to go to bed at the same time as our partner.

Factor in different work schedules that cannot but affect a person’s biorhythms. Thus, it becomes clear why so many people start opting out of sleeping together. Despite the fact that you also may see only benefits in sleeping apart with your significant other, psychologists warn you against doing so. If you want to find out what benefits you deny yourself by ignoring sleeping in the same bed as your partner, go on reading.

It Helps Bonding

It’s not a secret that sharing a bed with a partner promotes feelings of safety and spiritual comfort. It facilitates bonding and intimacy and allows you to better understand your partner. Lying side by side, you can discuss your plans or work day with your better half, and do lots of other things to connect before falling asleep. You can also experience a wide range of pleasant feelings if you opt for a shared bed.

It Reduces Stress Levels

The fast pace of our life inevitably results in increased stress levels we need to deal with every day. Though different people resort to different means to blow off steam, psychologist note that sleeping together can be a highly effective antidepressant you should definitely try out.

Cortisol is the primary stress hormone that can be lowered by means of good old hugs and kisses. There’s no better place for reducing cortisol levels than a conjugal bed. Sleeping next to someone you love promotes the release of oxytocin, a hormone that evokes feelings of tranquility and helps with male reproduction, into bloodstream. As a result, your feel less stressed out and wired. Cuddling up to a loved one can help you relieve anxiety and reduce your risk of developing heart disease, cancer, and chronic illnesses. Are all those beneficiary effects sleeping together has on people not enough to start searching for your significant other right now? If you’re still single and tired of sleeping alone, it’s high time you checked out principal Flirthookup review. Happiness consists in love!

It Creates Optimal Sleeping Conditions

You probably know that our body temperature drops as after we fall asleep. “I’m cold at night” or “I’m freezing without you” are not just quirky metaphors and hyperboles from love songs. In fact, people sleeping apart run the risk of developing mild hypothermia during sleep. Of course, it’s not critical to your organism; nonetheless, your sleep quality may suffer considerably. This problem can be resolved once you decide to share your blanket with your partner. The warmth of the person lying next to you is the best living heater you could ever think of. So, if you don’t want to get a cold, start setting your sights on a shared bed from now on.

It Boosts Your Immunity

It’s a scientifically proven fact that having regular intimacy in bed is not only pleasurable, but also gives a boost to your immunity system. The secret is that your body produces protective antibodies more actively during intercourse, which can help fight bacteria, viruses, and thus resist infections causing humanity’s most common illnesses such as cold or flu.

It Makes you Feel Like You Belong

As those hugs and kisses, cuddling up to someone, and putting your head on your partner’s bosom creates and improves your sense of belonging. It’s so great to know that there’s someone who loves and cares about you, that you have a place to go where you’ll always find support, comfort, and solace.