The best dog breeds for photos tend to have sleek looks or a classy bearing. Most breeds have a long history behind their genetics, and some breeds can be seen in short hair and long hair varieties.

Usually, their big brown eyes are an important factor, but there are plenty of gorgeous exceptions.

1. The Dachshund

The dachshund was originally bred for digging into the ground after vermin. They can still dig up plenty of trouble! Their long faces and big eyes make them look so comical. They also can be bred for silky, long hair; a short, smooth coat; or as a wiry little animal with a wise beard. They make good lap dogs who love to cuddle, and they’re always ready for adventure!

2. The Boston Terrier

Referred to as the “American Gentleman” when first accepted by the American Kennel Club in 1892, Boston Terriers are capable of expressing a wide range of canine emotion. Their stoic expression on high alert can transform into a feisty derpiness at the drop of a hat. This whimsical dichotomy makes them popular models for commercial photography for animal insurance, dog food, and other pet-oriented products and services.

3. The Beagle

It seems that every dog calendar ever printed had a photo of a beagle in its pages. What is it about the round head, big eyes, and soft, droopy ears that we love so much? Whatever it is, the photogenic potential of beagles is something that makes it a popular breed for photoshoots and advertising.

4. The Golden Retriever

This is a whole-hearted, gracious, and friendly breed. Most retrievers make excellent family pets and the sleek fur of the golden retriever begs to be pet. From nearly yellow-blonde to a rich deep reddish-brown, these dogs offer great looks for animal photos as well as a big heart for serving the people they love.

5. Collies and Shelties

Collies and their tiny cousin, the Shetland Sheepdog, represent a classic standard of dog beauty. Their long faces and gentle eyes look so warm and engaging. These dogs remind us of the golden age of television and movies in the character of Lassie. That was a sumptuous looking dog!

6. The Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter is a dramatic breed for color. This setter shows a startling contrast between the black back and the glossy red belly. The Gordon Setter offers a sun-glinting fur, an intelligent head, and a focus that shows up well in photographs.

7. The Jack Russell Terrier

The general cockiness of the Jack Russell terrier translates well to photos. How it looks in real life as the little guy gets into trouble, we’ll never tell!

8. The Husky

Can you get any more dramatic than black and white with blue eyes? The husky is a hard-working breed who can become so focused that they can’t hear their owners. So when you give a husky a command, make sure it’s the one you want, because they’ll follow through to the end! The husky’s wolfish good looks let us feel as if we have touched the wild spirit of the forest.

9. The German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is known for taking a dramatic pose. This stance communicates a readiness for action. Their faces shine with their intelligence. These dogs serve loyally, work their hearts out, and love their owners fiercely.

Dog-gone Beautiful!

We love our dogs, don’t we? They work hard for us, play hard with us, and nap like champions with us. Not all of them get to be photogenic, but their toothy, wrinkly personalities are still the most beautiful to their owners. Every dog has a beautiful heart, after all. Their inner beauty shines through and we love them for it!